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Concrete Structure Repair in Pocatello, ID



WSW Contractors Inc. specializes in water intrusion services for local municipalities and commercial businesses. We work together with your public works department or your building manager to ensure that offices, landmarks, and other locations are waterproofed or restored after water damage.
Our services all surround one thing: we make sure the water doesn't get in! This can mean working on foundation repair, concrete repair and coating, or waterproofing existing structures. We also offer mold treatment in the event of flooding.
We stand by our work, which is why we offer up to a 5 year warranty on all labor. Our work is ready to handle whatever weather is thrown its way.
Business Building in Late Afternoon Autumn Sun - Municipal Waterproofing in Pocatello, ID
Business office building - Municipal Waterproofing in Pocatello, ID
Empty white loft interior with big windows - Municipal Waterproofing in Pocatello, ID
WSW Contractors Inc. knows that you have a business to run. We do our best to get the job done in a timely manner without sacrificing quality or safety. Don't waste any more time. Call us today at 208-681-8575.
  • Manhole rehabilitation
    • Barrel Joint Infiltration Repair
    • Pipe Joint Infiltration Repair
    • Partial or Full Liner Installation System H2S resistant - PR/FC rehabilitation liner

Collection Systems Repair

  • Manhole Shelf and Trough Area Rehabilitation
  • Lift Station Rehabilitation and Liner Installation
  • Pipe Injection Repair
  • Concrete Potable Water Tank Repair
    • Exterior coatings and liners - Using NSF Approved Materials
    • Interior coatings and liners - Using NSF Approved Materials

Brick Manhole Rehabilitation and Liner Installation


Sub-Grade Concrete Structures

  • Potable water tanks and systems
  • Tunnel systems
  • Retainage walls
  • Concrete slab crack and seal repair and void stabilization

WSW brings over 30 years of experience stopping water.