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Concrete Repair in Pocatello, ID



WSW Contractors Inc. is Idaho's premiere waterproofing and concrete/foundation repair company. Since we started over 40 years ago, we have been helping homeowners, businesses, and municipalities in Idaho, Wyoming, and Utah with basement waterproofing, and other preventative methods for water inflow.
As our name suggests: We Stop Water! That means we do our best job to prevent your property and valuables from being ruined by water damage. If the damage has already occurred, our expert contractors go into repair mode.
Builder worker plastering facade industrial building with leveler - Weatherproofing Basements in Pocatello, ID
Room in a ruined house - Weatherproofing Basements in Pocatello, ID
wet basement - Weatherproofing Basements in Pocatello, ID
We specialize in preventing leaky and flooded basements, repairing foundation, and resolving concrete coating issues. We'll work directly with you so that you know the job is getting done in a timely and professional manner. Our labor is under warranty, so you know we're the real deal!